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This web site is made possible through generous donations by: Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and the National Sex Offender Public Registry. Mapping image(s.

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Neighborhood Watch Sex Offender Map | CriminalWatchDog Our Neighborhood Watch sex offender map helps you to keep your loved ones safe by finding sex offenders in your area.

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Oregon Sex Offender Map - SexOffenderMap.org Oregon has the second highest rate of sex offenders per capita in the country, and there is not a state website that tracks all of the sex offenders.

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State of Oregon: Oregon State Police - Sex Offender. The SOR Section is the state repository for sex offender registrations within Oregon,. Site Map Web Site Feedback.

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Sex Offender Information | City of Oregon City The Oregon City Police Department does not post information regarding registered sex offenders on our web site. Sex offender information can be obtained.

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Watchdog page helps you map registered sex offenders. Go to The Oregonian's watchdog page and map sex offenders in your neighborhood or around your child's school. Click on sex offender registry.

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Registered sex offenders in Portland, Oregon - crimes. Registered sex offenders in Portland, Oregon.. Loading map, please. and other state lists there were 216 registered sex offenders living in Portland.

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Family Watchdog - Free Sex Offender Registry | Local Sex. Family Watchdog is a free service to help locate registered sex offenders and predators in your neighborhood

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Oregon Sex Offender Registration Search Directory Search for registered Oregon sex offenders by name, date of birth, age range, description or location. A map search by address is also available.

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Oregon Registered Sex Offenders | Homefacts Search for Oregon registered criminal or sex offenders in your neighborhood. View sex offender registry info and criminal records for Oregon registered.

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